Handlandy Animal Handling Gloves Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves 1305

Size: One Size
Color: Blue


HANDLANDY Animal Handling Gloves, Falconry Handler Cat Gloves Bite Proof, Thorn Proof Rose Pruning Gardening Gloves (Royal blue, One size)

­čÉ▒Durable safe material, No bite or scratches on you: You could easily handle wild cats and other smaller animals with these protective gloves, with thick cowhide leather which are puncture resistant, cut resistant, bite resistant, heat and fire resistant, provide tough protection to prevent scratches & injury. These are a must for any cat owner.

­čÉ▒Provide┬áfull protection for hands: Have reinforcements on the palm and back that add extra padding and thickness, providing an excellent bite-proof function from pets for your hands. It's handy for pets' regular care: Trimming nails, applying tick/flea protection, hair trimming, gland expressing, washing & brushing.

­čÉ▒14" long-sleeve protective gloves reach up to your elbows to protect your forearms from claws. The cotton lining lets the bite-proof gloves on easily and comfortably.

­čÉ▒Application: Designed for animal control staff, groomers, kennel workers, zoo workers, pet shop employees, pet owners, bird handlers, and reptile handlers. Animal handling gloves are limited to personal daily protection use, not for special-purpose protection like a lion or a crocodile!

­čÉ▒Multi-functional work gloves: Not just┬ágood for animal caring, but also helpful for many other work and home tasks, they provide a lot of protection for planting cactus plants, rose pruning, welding, barbecuing, campfires, and gardening.

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