Handlandy Kids Garden Gloves Natural Latex Foam Rubber 50978

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Size: Size 2
Colour: Orange
Pair: 6 Pairs
Sonderpreis$28.80 Normalpreis$32.40


HANDLANDY Kids orange gardening gloves for age 3-12,3 Pairs Toddle Rubber Work Gloves for girls boys
🎈Get the kids outside and gardening to keep their hands safe & clean with these kids gardening gloves.
🎈Kids rubber gloves with natural latex foam rubber coating for high breathability and keeps hands cool and dry
🎈Polyester seamless liner provides kids' hands maximum comfort & flexible.
🎈3 pairs kids work gloves, knit wrist secure fit & keeps hands free of dust and dirt
Five sizes to choose,Size 2 (for age 2-3), Size 3 (for age 4-5), Size 4 (for age 5-7),Size 5(for age 8-10), size 6 (for age 11-13). Ideal for kids gardening, DIY light duty works and outdoor activities.

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