GIAMZONP Men Mechanic Gloves Anti Vibration GEL Padding H655


Size: M
Pair: 1 Pair
Sale price$19.80


HANDLANDY Anti Vibration Gloves, Gel Padding,TPR Protector Impact Gloves, Men Mechanic Work Gloves

✤Synthetic palm with upgrade gel inner padded patch on the palm, help alleviate the vibration more effectively from the machines, perfect for mowing lawn, power tools, running chainsaw, great gifts to tire installer, box big handlers, loggers, metal workers, etc
✤High Impact Work Gloves: Breathable knitting mesh back with 5mm Upgraded Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) protector, tough protection from impact to the back of hand with a softer and flexible fit
✤Touch Screen Padded Palm Work Gloves: With 3 Touch screen compatible fingertips capable for your phone or tablet without having to take the gloves off. Secure Wrist Closure: Adjustable wrist strap provides a secure fit to your wrist that allows for easy glove removal between tasks.
✤Reinforced Chainsaw Gloves: Extra protection between thumb and forefinger and padding to this typical wear point
✤High performance padded palm impact gloves for anti vibrant, certify to EN ISO 10819:2013

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