Handlandy Working Glove Gardening Deerskin Leather Men Women 6141


Size: S
Color: Yellow
Pair: 1 Pair
Sale price$17.80


HANDLANDY Deerskin Leather Work Gloves for Men &Women, Utility Gardening Working


šŸ¦ŒPremium Grain Deerskin Gloves: Top Grain Deerskin leather gloves, naturally soft and supple, comfortable and flexible, it's designed for light to medium duty jobs.
šŸ¦ŒFlexible & Breathable Leather Work Glovesļ¼šStretchable spandex back design keep your hands cool and comfortable on the jobļ¼Œ design for improved dexterity, elastic and breathable.
šŸ¦ŒSBR Padded Mens Leather Work Gloves: Deerskin leather palm with SBR padded provide palm comfort and reduce impact and vibration when using hand & power tools.
šŸ¦ŒDeerskin leather gloves with durable synthetic leather fourchette for toughness & wearable, they are best suited for low-abrasion work such as maintenance, shooting, huntingļ¼Œdriving, gardening, power tool/ hand tool usage, equipment operation, and More!
šŸ¦ŒAdjustable Velcro Closure - Comfort adjustable neoprene wrist closure ensures the perfect fit, and keeps dirt and debris out of work glove; Allows for easy on/off flexibility. These men leather work gloves could run small, please contrast the Size Chart in the picture 6th before order.

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