HANDLANDY Fingerless Work Gloves for Men Tactical Mechanics 6262

Size: S
Color: Army Green
Sale price$19.80


HANDLANDY Fingerless Work Gloves for Men, Padded Half Finger Tactical Mechanics Gloves, Utility Trucker Driver Gloves

  • Palm Covered While Keeping Your Fingers Free: A professional fingerless glove is a combination of protection, dexterity, support, the ability to use a phone, and the fact that it keeps your hands from getting all sweaty and thus not being able to grip things. Terry clothes around the thumb area: comfortable for wiping sweat from your nose and around the eyes.
  • Upgraded Padded Work Gloves with Grip for Enough Grip Power: Tired of tools slipping out of your hand? You need these grippy moving gloves! No more boxes slide out of your hands! The silicon coating at the palm provides a secure grip, you can easily pick things up. Cushioned enough in the palms that they provide good impact cushioning when doing repetitive tasks like hammering/ jack-hammering, good protection when moving lumber piles, etc.
  • Flexible Impact Resistant Half finger work gloves: TPR strong knuckle protection keeps your hand safe while working without limiting dexterity, keeps your hands warm while still being protected from scrapes and bruises, and also able to easily use a pen to write or handle small objects. Pull off easy with the built-in tabs along the fingers
  • Uwrist Design: Exclusive U-shape adjustable wrist closure works perfectly with your watch, keeps eyes on your time and your health during work, does not need to take off your gloves, and also provides ultra comfort and flexibility fitting. Most importantly, It can better hold your wrist and also offer protection on your wrist from the risk of impaction.
  • Workout Great for General Purpose Construction: heavy machinery, power tools, hand tools, moving, fidgeting with hammers/nails/drills and other precision work, woodworking, etc. machine wash

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