Handlandy Welding Sleeves Heat Flame Resistant 1180 (12 Pairs)

Color: Black
Quantity: 12 pairs
Sale price$110.00


Handlandy Flame Resistant Welding Sleeves for Men and Women,Pack of 12 Pairs One Size Heat & Flame Resistant 1180 are made of 100% FR Cotton and imported. They are machine washable and flame resistant, meeting NFPA2112, EN11612, EN11611 standards.

These welding sleeves are great for hot days when you don't want to wear a jacket or coat. They protect your arms from spatter or burn and are super light for light duty welding like tig and short arc mig. The FR fabric is comfortable even on a hot day and allows for improved arm mobility. The elastic top and bottom design ensures a snug fit and prevents debris from contacting the arm.

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