Handlandy Men Women Long Gardening Gloves Leather Gauntlets Yard 5167


Size: XS
Color: green
Pair: 1 Pair
Sale price$16.80


🎈What Every Gardener Needs! --- Thorn-proof long garden gloves do a great job protecting your hands and arms from rose thorns, and brambles, perfect for pruning thorny bushes, weeding, and trimming trees.
🎈No More Awful Looking Arms! --- Thick gauntlet gardening gloves protect forearms from getting punctured or scratched while you are pruning roses or trimming other branches. Prevent your forearms from getting exposed to poison ivy. These long garden gloves RUN SMALL in size, please choose a size up or contrast the Size Chart in the 5th picture before making an order. 
🎈Extra Padding on Palm & Fingertip! --- These rose gloves with extra protection to help your work to become more enjoyable when your hands are comfortably protected, yet not restricted from moving during the tasks.
🎈Protection with Ease of Use! --- These long leather gardening gloves are soft on top and tough on the bottom, soft finger parts allow for much better movement and precision, and thick leather cuffs for protection and get more wear.
🎈Great for All Gardening Activities! --- They are flexible enough to allow for pruning, pick up the use of trimmed items, landscape tools, and general yard work. Nice gift for avid gardeners.

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