HANDLANDY Tactical Men's Gloves, Airsoft Shooting Gloves 6313/6315

Color: Camo
Size: M
Sale price$18.80


HANDLANDY Fingerless Work Gloves for Men, Padded Impact Tactical Mechanics Gloves, Grip Utility Trucker Driver Gloves

  • Fingerless Tactical Gloves with Superior Grip: Silicone coating on the palm enhances grip and control for paintball and airsoft, essential gear for players needing hand protection without sacrificing dexterity during intense gameplay.
  • Advanced Impact Resistance: Featured with Hollow-diamond anti-collision designs, these camouflage work gloves excel in absorbing and dispersing energy upon impact, reducing the risk of hand injuries in demanding environments.
  • Uwrist Design: Exclusive U-shape adjustable wrist closure for the perfect fit, and it works perfectly with your watch, keeping an eye on your time and your health during work. Most importantly, It can better hold your wrist and reduce impaction on your hands.
  • Sweat Wipe: Towel fabric on the thumb enables hikers, climbers, and adventurers to need hand protection while maintaining fine motor skills.
  • Breathable Design: Camouflage spandex fabric on the back allows for ventilation, keeping hands cool and dry. Suitable for Outdoor Work such as farming, ranching, and forestry, protecting rough terrain, branches, and minor abrasions while allowing finger mobility for tasks like roping and handling livestock.
  • Multifunctional: Ideal for various occasions-tactical activities: airsoft, shooting, hunting, outdoor climbing, survival training, etc. Suitable for mechanical work, motorcycle riding, fitness training, and DIY projects, ensuring a secure hold and preventing slips.

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