HANDLANDY Waterproof Work Gloves Cold Weather Insulated Freezer 11154

Size: S
Color: Blue
Quantity: 2 Pairs
Sale price$19.80


  • Grippy rubber work gloves with inner lining that keep my hands warm
  • Truly Waterproof Work Gloves: Needed some actually waterproof work gloves that had a good grip and were warm? These winter work gloves with fully submerged rubber to ensure a totally waterproof, rubbery surface that will help resistant to snow or rain.
  • Keep Your Hands Warm & Dry: These thermal lined cold weather gloves are ideal for manual tasks in the cold, like shoveling, putting on snow chains, woods working, gardening, fishing, construction, truck driving, or doing other cold, wet work in the winter. These are great for frozen or freezer work. the material inside keeps your hands warm and comfortable.  
  • Durable Work Gloves with Excellent Grip: Full hands sanded coating for good grip even wet, get these working gloves if you like fishing, handle boxes, or do any work with your hands.  
  • Flex and Stretch Well for Improved Dexterity: They are thin enough to provide good dexterity while thick enough to keep your hands warm enough to do the task requiring dexterity.  
  • A good trade-off between warmth and dexterity for your cold weather working, great winter & Christmas gifts to bring warmth to your friends, and families in this coming winter.

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