HANDLANDY Bundle: 2 Pairs Long Sleeve Leather Gardening Gloves, Gardening Gloves for Women

Handlandy Beige runing Gloves Thorn Proof Pigskin 1601 (Size): XS
Handlandy Grey Gardening Gloves Leather Long Sleeve Pruning 5160 (Size): S
Sale price$33.60


  • Bundle includes: 2 Pairs Long Sleeve Leather Gardening Gloves
  • Wide Application: Effectively protect your hands from injury and puncture resistant while you are facing on cuts, scratches, sharp thorns, pricks, rough stuff and working for pruning roses, handling cactus, pruning berry and all prickly bushes, citrus picking ,doing yardwork , garden pruning, trimming shrubsand other unpleasantness, provides a great grip on everything you need.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE: Long sleeve gardening gloves perfect for women & men. These long gardening gloves are ideal for gardening work, farming, trimming roses, pruning bushes and blueberries, pruning cactus and other barbed plants in the garden or patio. These are also the perfect animal handling gloves, suitable for Veterinarians, Animal Control Staff, Groomers, Kennel Workers, Zoo Workers, Pet Shop Employees, Breeders/Handlers, Pet owners, Bird handlers, Reptile handlers.

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