Handlandy Women Garden Gloves Leather Thorn Proof Length Pruning 5088


Size: M
Pair: 1 Pair
Sale price$18.80


HANDLANDY Green Ladies Leather Gardening Gloves, Thorn Proof Long Gauntlet Heavy Duty Garden Gloves, Elbow Length Women Rose Pruning Gloves
📞Ladies' Pruning Gauntlet Gloves: Heavy duty cowhide leather gauntlet for
xcellent protection while cutting, pruning and garden clearing. Best gardening gift for gardener woman.
📞Thorn Proof Garden Gloves: Protects hands & forearms from cuts and scratches, allowing you free to work roses thorn free.
📞Split Cowhide Leather Palm & Back: Durable long leather gardening gloves provide good grip to handle all gardening tools, and resists punctures and abrasion.
Extended Gauntlet Cuff: Thick elbow length gardening gloves protects against poison ivy, poison oak and animal scratch / bite.
📞Rose gardening glove is ideal for: trimming roses, pruning holly bushes, berry bushes and clear thorny weeds, tending to cactus plants.

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