HANDLANDY Wholesale Kids Gardening Gloves Latex Free Nitrile Coated 51404142 (120 Pairs)

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Color: Green
Size: Size 2(age2-4)
Quantity: 1 CTN(120 Pairs)
Sale price$360.00 Regular price$600.00


  • Nitrile coated garden gloves for kids, free of natural rubber latex, avoid potential allergies and discomfort with our kids gardening gloves. Design for high breathability and keeps hands cool and dry, soft and easy to manipulate.
  • These bright color kids gardening gloves perfect for both boys and girls who like to help in the garden or work outside.
  • Knit wrist ensures a perfectly fit and keeps hands free of dust and dirt. Ideal for little girls boys toddle to do gardening, DIY light duty works and outdoor activities.
  • These child size gardening gloves will keep kids hands clean but protect them. Let your little helper to enjoy doing the outside work! Enjoy catching lizards, bugs and all that creepy stuff!
  • Kids 2-13 years. Five size to choose: Size 2 (fit for 2-4 year old), Size 3(fit for 5-6 year old), Size 4 (fit for 7-8 year old),Size 5 (fit for 9-10 year old), size 6 (fit for 11-13 year old)

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