Economic fingerless work gloves for professional mover.
Great gloves. I work as a professional mover so a fingerless glove is perfect for me for the combination of protection, dexterity, support, ability to use a phone, and the fact that it keeps my hands from getting all sweaty and thus not being able to grip things. These gloves are amazing for moving. Even when moving things with sharp edges, heavy items like pianos and safes, and being banged up when I accidentally smash my hand, these gloves have never torn or otherwise appeared even slightly damaged besides the brand lettering peeling off (just rubber stuck to the cloth so no structural damage). The terry cloth works pretty well, but there were a few times in the summer when it got too dirty and sweaty to be usable at the end of the day. That's more due to the nature of moving itself than the fault of the product though. The cushion on the glove and the rubber on the back is also great for protection. The only problem with these gloves is that the velcro keeps wearing out just about every month (5 pairs in 6 months). Granted, that's with heavy use and putting them on and taking them off multiple times a day so it probably normally lasts a while. Finally, they've held up being machine washed and dried with my work clothes every couple days again with no damage, so cleaning them isn't a hassle. Overall great product, especially for the price.
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