Makes hands warmer
Usually when I'm riding my bike in the morning when it's 20 f or lower and had only drank coffee for breakfast my hands will get numb with one pair of 5 dollar cotton gloves and cow hide working gloves over the cotton gloves. I have a circulation problem. The gym isn't that far so it's not unbearable. I was very surprised that my hands were actually getting warmer half way to the gym while I was wearing these handlandy gloves. I just started wearing them this winter 2021/2022 so I don't know how durable they are but after a month of use I don't notice any wear. I've never used any other type of winter glove because if I'm riding my bike in the winter it's not far and the leather work gloves prevent my hands from getting frost bitten but they do still get numb but don't get numb if I'm snowshoeing while I'm wearing the leather work gloves. I also bought the handlandy gloves for snowboarding which I haven't tried yet.
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