HANDLANDY Flame Resistant Welding Sleeves Arm Protection 1180YE

颜色: Yellow
Quantity: 1 pair
Sale price$13.80


  • FR Cotton
  • Imported
  • Flame resistant welding sleeves works great for hot days not wanting to wear a jacket/coat, saving your skin from welding or with fiberglass work, they keep your arms protected from spatter or burn.
  • 98% FR COTTON and 2% Carbon Fiber make the FR Welding Sleeve inherently flame resistant, tough, lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. Flame retardant (FR) cotton welding sleeves for arm not too hot and breathes well, so comfortable even on a hot day out in the sun, for improved arm mobility and comfort. Super light good for light duty welding like tig and short arc mig
  • Elastic top and bottom design for fit, and to prevent debris from contacting the arm and to keep the sleeves stays in place during arm movements.
  • Long sleeve to provide full arm coverage for most individuals, must have welding accessories for hobby welder, simple sleeves to stop the sunburn (arc burn) from TIG or MIG welding while allowing you to just wear your T-shirt to stay cool.
  • Good for more than welding: it's also goof for trimming thorny plants in your landscape. you can pull these on to protect my arms much better than a long sleeve shirt.

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