Handlandy Guitar Gloves for Kids and Women and Men 11150

Size: Adult
Quantity: 2 PACKS
Sale price$11.99


Introducing Handlandy Guitar Gloves for Kids and Women and Men,2-Pack 11150. These gloves are perfect for any musician, from beginner to master. Made of super soft knitted nylon and spandex, they are lightweight, ultra-thin, and comfortable.

The fingertips are made of PE+Carbon Fiber, making them 10 times more durable than regular gloves. They are breathable and can adapt to various temperature environments. Plus, they feature a five-finger touch screen feature, so you can use your phone without taking them off.

With Handlandy Guitar Gloves, you can enjoy playing any song perfectly for a long time without discomfort or fatigue. And with our satisfaction guarantee, you can make an order without any worries.

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