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HANDLANDY Men Work Gloves Heavy Duty Cut 6 Safety Impact Protection

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HANDLANDY Heavy Duty Work Gloves for Men, Cut 6 Safety Impact Protection Working Gloves Touch Screen Mechanics Gloves

❂New Definition of Good All-around Safety Work Glove: Armored enough on the outside to take a hit, mobile enough in the hands to grab stuff, and soft enough on the fingers to manipulate.
❂Cut Protection Work Gloves: ANSI Cut Resistance Level 6 Palm, with no long have a fear of cutting your fingers when handle boxes, rocks or other sharp edge metal.
❂Impact Protection Work Gloves: HANDPRO TEC anatomically designed Thermoplastic Rubber impact protection extends from the top of your wrist to the tip of each fingers.
❂Wear Resistance Work Gloves: Synthetic leather with PVC reinforcement for abrasion & grip, perfect mix of durability and versatility, last longer with abrasive and heavy work. Adjustable wrist strap provides a secure fit to your wrist and prevent debris and liquid from entering the glove.
❂Touch Screen Mechanics Gloves: Touchscreen compatibility fingertips for operating diagnostic devices or answering mobile phones without having to take the work gloves off.