Handlandy Mens Work Gloves Anti Vibration Synthetic Leather Palm 5972


Size: S
Color: Gray
Pair: 1 Pair
Sale price$11.99


Handlandy Grey Mens Work Gloves Touch screen, Synthetic Leather Utility Gloves, Flexible Breathable Spendex - Padded Knuckles & Palm


📞Flexible & Breathable Spandex Back: Stretchable spandex back keep your hands cool and comfortable on the job.
Touch Screen Fingertips: Capable for your phone or tablet without having to take the gloves off.
📞Knuckles Protection: Foam padding knuckles reduces impact to the top of your hand
📞Padded Palm: Synthetic leather palm with foam padding reduces shock and vibration from hand tool use.
📞Perfect for light duty work: Lightwieght & flexible for yard work, gardening, home improvement.

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