Handlandy Unisex Work Glove Thin Flexible Breathable Outdoor 6175

Size: Small
Colour: Grey
Pair: 1 Pair
Sale price$11.80


HANDLANDY Work Gloves for Men & Women, Utility Thin Flexible & Breathable Outdoor Yard Gloves Touchscreen

✯HANDLANDY utility gloves using carefully selected materials to ensure extreme flexibility, rugged durability and unrivaled comfort.
✯High Dexterity Work Gloves for Men & Women: Stretch spandex and synthetic leather for dexterous & good feel, easy to use fine finger movements, grabbing smaller objects.
✯Light-Duty Work Gloves with Grip: Lightweight work gloves design with PU leather for keeping a good grip on heavy things. Ideal for: gardening, landscaping, general tasks, weeding, mowing, landscaping, DIY light duty daily works, outdoor activities.
✯Breathable Work Gloves: Breathable spandex back and panels between fingers - keeps your hands cool and comfortable. Machine washable.
✯Touch Screen Work Gloves: With 2 Touch screen compatible fingertips capable for your phone or tablet without having to take the gloves off.

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