How to keep warm in the cold weather
1. Wear a tank top. Wearing a thermal vest or a belt-band helps keep your core body warm, reducing heat loss and making your body warmer, Charona said.

2. Wearing gloves and swinging your arms around during the winter months can activate the muscles and improve blood flow to both arms and hands, making the body warmer and warmer, says Tim Hatcheff, an expert at the British Chiropractic Association.

3. Drink more soy milk. According to Dr. Sarah Zinke, dietitian at the British Dietetic Association, eating protein can significantly raise body temperature compared to eating carbohydrates or fats. It is recommended to drink a cup of soy milk for breakfast while eating nuts and yogurt appropriately.

4. The hat should cover your ears. According to Dr. Andrew Camilleri, an expert in ear, nose, and throat surgery at The University Hospital of South Manchester in the UK, the head accounts for 30 percent of body heat loss. It is best to choose a hat that covers the ears, because the ears are thin but have a large surface area, making them easier to dissipate heat.
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