STOP STOP.. all u need to do is buy them and don't worry!!!!
Buy these gloves now!!! If your looking for an awesome pair of work gloves these are amazing. I have bought two pair of heart gloves at walmart. One pair had leather palms. I use these type of gloves cutting firewood. The harts gloves had holes in the finger tips after 1 afternoon of cutting wood. Completely wore out. The second pair is usable but not like these.

These gloves I've used many days cutting wood. I really can't tell and benefit yo the vibration dampening pf them but they make up for it in padding warmth and durability. No more smashed hands or fingers as these gloves have you protected. Ill oder nothing else then these gloves. Infant I think ill order a pair right now just to have for back up. Price is comparable to far less quality. No joke im rough and abuse gloves and they have held up. Update 4/16/2021 after splitting and cutting 5 truck loads of wood this evening I seen a small.whole developing so im ordering my next pair.

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